Monday, April 12, 2010

Malaysian Mahjong

Dont we all love a game of mahjong? I certainly do, especially Malaysian mahjong :-) What is Malaysian mahjong, some of you may ask. Well, it's a version of mahjong derived from the original 4 player mahjong. Malaysian mahjong has only 3 players. It's a quick and aggresive game, just the way I like it :-)

I've done some research into the rules and with my best effort I'm noting this down here so next time I get a chance to play again, I will remember these rules! As BBs says, it's a stupid game with stupid rules. But you know what? Rules are rules, there need not be any logic behind them. And just a reminder too that rules may differ from household to household, player to player.

This is the full set used in Malaysian mahjong. There should be 4 sets of flowers and 4 "Feis".

Let's just explore some of the many rules and ways to earn points (or better known as fann) in order to win the game. With Malaysian mahjong, you must have a minimum of 5 fanns to win. The maximum is usually anything above 10 fann.

1. One face (flower) = 1 fann
2. Four faces (flower) = extra 1 fann
3. One animal = 1 fann
4. Four animals = extra 1 fann
5. 1 Flower (number corresponds to player number) = 1 fann
6. Four flowers (in the same set) = 1 extra fann
7. Pong of own wind (north is everybody's wind) = 1 fann
8. Pong of dragon cards (hong chong, fat choy, bak parn) = 1 fann
9. 2 pongs & a pair of dragons = 3 fann
10. Mix suits = 1 fann
11. Same suit only = 3 fann
12. All Pong/ Gong = 2 fann
13. Chee mor from replacing flower/ Gong = 1 fann
14. Stealing Gong = 1 fann
15. Dealer Pong East wind = 2 fann

To earn maximum fann, player must win with any of the following:

1. Pong of 4 winds
2. 3 Pong and pair of winds
3. No flowers
4. 4 Gongs (revealed or concealed)
5. 3 Pong of dragon cards
6. Win with replacement tile after 2 consecutive Gong
7. 4 concealed Pong/ Gong
8. 4 Feis
9. Winning with first tile
10. Winning with last tile
11. If you have 4 feis at the start of the game, you need not play on, this is maximum fann
12. If you manage to get 4 feis in the process of the game, then you can only win by playing on till you get a winning hand

Feis are worth money and depending on how huge the ante is, players can nominate this amount. At the end of each round, players without or with less feis than the other players will have to pay out the difference.

I cant really sum it all up here cos there is just to many bloody rules and regulations, but as I start to play, it all comes back to me :-) And as a result, this is as much as I can remember for now.

Anyone for a game of Malaysian mahjong?? Piggy, when will we hoi toi again?


  1. Hi, for condition #7 of maximum fann, does that mean we can wu with 2 concealed gongs and 2 concealed Pongs, i.e. there is no final pair but only 1 each of the 4th tile of the 2 concealed Gongs? Thanks for a clarification :)

  2. Do both players score? And if so are certain fan excluded, eg half flush and full flush?