Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Siew Yum and I have been on a journey to find us some Sichuan food in KL to rival that of Dainty's in Melbourne. Oooh just the mention and thought of Dainty's is making my mouth water. How can one have such fond attachments to food??! Siew Yum will understand me.

Months ago as I was driving along Jalan Alor, with its brightly lit restaurants side by side along the entire street, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a particular restaurant with a huge neon sign with photos of the food they sell. Actually most of the restaurants along Alor have a huge neon sign with photos plastered on it. Somehow, I noticed this one, Kedai Makanan & Minuman TKS. No, I dont know what it stands for. So, as I noticed the neon sign, I spotted a photo of the chilli fish hotpot I always crave for when in KL. So I tell Siew Yum and Audrey Hepburn my delightful find. Audrey Hepburn asked if it was safe in Alor, you know how its not known for its cleanliness or hygienic premises. Well, I dont know if it's safe, but we always seem to eat at WAW and we're still alive. So cant be that bad.

Long story short, months went by and we never went to try TKS out. Then just about 3 weeks ago, Mr Fukuharu told us about a great Sichuan restaurant in KL. And guess what? He had suggested TKS. So Odie, Siew Yum and I went along with Mr Fukuharu to give this Sichuan place a go. We ordered all the things we would order at Dainty's and the food was yummmmmo!! The place was quite ordinary though. By the road, sitting outside, inhaling the fresh whiff of sewer stench and rats running around (Lesson #1 to note, never look down when in Alor, you never know what you might find). Every dish looked almost the same as Dainty's, some even tasted better than Dainty's especially the Chilli Pei Dan.

Since then, Siew Yum and I have been there again and brought Twitter and Audrey Hepburn along. They were in heaven! No longer do we have to wait till we make a trip to Melbourne for this taste of gluttony heaven. We have it in the heart of KL :-D

I love Sichuan food!

Friday, July 22, 2011

To Scruff or Not To Scruff

By definition a "scruff" is an untidy person. By definition a "scruff" is also mostly only used to describe men. From the way they dress, to the way they keep their hair, to the 5 o'clock shadow which unfortunately appears on their faces on a daily basis (Chinese men are an exception here, havent met one who can successfully have a 2 o'clock shadow, let alone a 5 o'clock one).

Mind you it is each to their own, but hair in general irks me. Hair on the body and hair on the face, both as bad as each other. Just imagine hugging a big hairy bear in bed. So not cool. Perhaps some women keep warm that way, I just use a thicker blanket to keep warm. And just imagine pashing someone with a stubble, definitely not cool. We women go home with a sore, raw and peeling chin. In my opinion, clean cut is the way to go. Nice smooth skin, no hair to ruin MY complexion.


Dont get me wrong, scruffy unshaven men can look good too. And yes, they just LOOK good. Not good to touch, kiss or caress.

Many of my girlfriends will disagree with me. I know Samantha Jones loves it, body or facial hair doesnt bother her. Like I said it is each to their own. I just cant understand it. I once had a boyfriend who decided it was cool to grow a goatee, which eventually became a beard. Eeeew ....... Needless to say, I stopped kissing him from that point till we broke up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The MM Experience

As we journey through our 30s, are we looking for a good time or a long time?

Miss X hooked up with a dashing MM a few weeks ago. And we are talking about a good time not a long time. Once a week, straight forward agreement, no strings attached. The first few encounters were somewhat romantic, in a 4 star hotel, all very covet Carrie-esque a la SATC. She checks in first, he comes later or vice versa. Perfect arrangement. Up until 2 weeks ago. MM gave Miss X a link to book a hotel on a pre-arranged day. She does as she's told, rocks up to the venue 2 hours later to discover, it is infact a backpacker's hostel. Around about this time when she was telling me the story, I was rolling on the floor. So it has progressed from 4 stars to no stars in a matter of weeks! Looks promising indeed.

She goes ahead, reluctantly checks in, and fuming at the same time. Lucky she got a private room and not a bunk in a dorm. After checking in, Miss X, her heels, her LV bag and her newly purchased bottle of wine adjourned to the "private room", totally sticking out of the crowd like a sore thumb. The room looked decent so far. She had 2 hours to kill before MM arrived, so decided to pour herself a glass of wine to calm the temper or else god knows what will happen to MM when he finally shows up. Now, in a backpacker's hostel, one must not assume it is like a hotel. There were no wine glasses in the room! Never fear, there's always the communal kitchen down the hall way. No wine glasses there either, so I suppose a coffee mug had to suffice. Classy.

MM arrived some time later to find a rather tipsy Miss X, and was just as surprised at his choice of hotel. Cant believe they didnt just check out and go somewhere else. In the middle of the night the PA system (yes, there was a PA system in every room) came on with an announcement about "Rock Night" happening down in the bar. Oh, and free pancakes for breakfast the following morning.

I guess we should try everything once in our lives. I've experienced this through Miss X. Thanks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love Dubai!

Nobody told me Dubai was such a wonderful city! Almost everything is man made from the high rises to the palaces to the beaches. I think what impressed me the most about Dubai was the cleanliness, the modern-ness and the obscene wealth in some of the people on the street. Oh and also because it was my next stop after London. We all know how cold, gloomy, old and dirty London can be. Stepping out of the plane in Dubai airport, I was just taken aback by the bright sun, the modern airport and how clean and shiny everything was!

No visit to Dubai is complete without visiting the Burj Al Arab. It has always been my dream to spend one night at the Burj, but ofcourse that was not to be. The magnificent Burj Al Arab is on an island of it's own shaped to resemble the sail of a dhow, an arabian vessel. Truly a beautiful construction. The Burj is a self claimed 5 star hotel, however people around the world often label it "the world's only 7 star luxury hotel". And believe me, this is no simple 5 star hotel. Just to walk in if you're not a guest will cost you USD$60! For guests booked in to the Burj, extra services include your very own butler, your own maid, even your own photographer to follow you around town just to take photos for you. Such luxury only money can buy.

Lucky for me, I had made reservations to have champagne brunch at Al Muntaha, reservations I made while I was still in Melbourne. Al Muntaha is located 200m above the Persian Gulf in the Burj with a full view of Dubai. The food was exquisite, the service was impeccable and the ambience was just divine. Just the dessert spread was bigger than some buffets I've seen. Cakes were adorned with gold flecks, everything was just so glamorous. Sigh ......

The man made beaches are a picturesque scene. Beautiful gold sand and exceptionally clean. I swear I will visit Dubai and stay at the Burj one of these days.

Monday, February 28, 2011

A Glimpse Into A Man's World

It’s funny how I can be one of the boys on the odd occasion.

Some time ago in KL, I caught up with an old friend Mr B. He joined me at La Bodega in Pavillion where I was having drinks with quite a few of my friends. After drinks someone suggested we all go get a massage. Sounded like a great idea at the time so I agreed. Mr B suggested we go to a spa. Now a spa in KL is no ordinary spa. He explained that this particular spa we were adjourning to was a gentleman's spa. Interesting. However, as he is a valued customer there, they would make an exception and let women in. Two women specifically. That would be me and Piggy. Piggy was a little reluctant initially. But what the hell, we were with four other guys and they were all my friends. I was sure it would be safe, physically safe, not sure though if we would be traumatised by this experience.

We followed Mr B, all six of us, all men with the exception of two. We arrive at Citrus Hotel . Cant say it was located in a desirable part of KL, off Jalan Raja Laut, scary and dodgy infact. We patiently and curiously follow Mr B into the building to Level 1 where JJ Spa was located. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Mr B was greeted with a familiar "Welcome back Mr. B". Wow, he really was a valued customer there. After some negotiation, us ladies were allowed in.

As Piggy and I strutted across the tv room, it was evident that we were the only two women who did not work there. Drinks flowed freely and we could smoke almost anywhere. After a beer, we were lead to the change rooms, which also doubles as the spa room, the sauna, the showers, the smoking room and the toilets. Yes, it was all in one room. Piggy and I were given robes, shorts and a towel. As this was a gentleman's spa, there were no ladies toilets or ladies showers. We had to turn the sauna into a makeshift change room. When we came out dressed in our robes and shorts, the boys were all in the spa. So what do we do? We join them ofcourse. It was quite a sight. The spa was relatively huge, enough to fit 20 people I reckon. Piggy and I jumped in robe, shorts and all. Piggy kept asking me "Do you think this is a good idea jumping in with all these naked men?". My response, "Why not???". If I could get naked and jump in I would.

After 10 minutes in the spa, we all got out to get ready for our 2 hour massage. Piggy and I were lead to our massage. Thankfully we were placed in the same room together. I thought it was quite odd that the room we were given had mirrors on all the walls. That thought didnt last long though. I soon fell asleep through my massage. Coming out of the room, Piggy and I walked past other massage rooms and they all had showers in the corners of the rooms with mirrors on all walls including the ceiling. Hmmmmm ...... The girls coming out of the rooms were dressed or under dressed I should say and also wearing killer stilletos. Hah! Now I know the true meaning of a gentleman's spa. Piggy and I had just experienced the best massage in a whore house!!! Our two masseurs were magical but were also the daggiest chicks in the whole place. No skimpy outfits, no stilleto heels. Damn!

Piggy and I headed back to our makeshift change room but not before witnessing naked men in the showers. Wonderful. They didnt even have shower curtains behind the showers??

What a great experience that was. It's funny when I think back now. What would all those naked men in the showers have thought when they saw two women walk through? Did they think we were hookers??? Hahahaha ..... I guess we'll never know.

I was later told that the four guys with us actually could select their masseur from a lineup of skimpily dressed ladies. Extra services cost extra ofcourse. And did our four friends opt for extra services? What do you think?

I wish I was born a man.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friends For Life

Life is full of surprises. One minute you're in heaven, next minute you could be down in the dumps. What makes us tick? An important aspect of life is to have close family and friends around you. You cant change your family but can you change your friends? I like to think that the close friends you have will stick with you through thick and thin. There are some friends you share tales of life with, some you share career changes with, some you share sordid details of your love affairs. Are there ones that you just share every single thing with? I'm still trying to work this out. As one journeys on through age, we discover that things change, new buildings emerge, new walls are built and new friends are made. My travels have taken me to many parts of the world. Through this, I've met some really great people I'm proud to call good friends.

I'm blessed with many close friends around me, ones I party with, ones I go shopping with, ones I share sordid details of my love affairs with, ones I share family issues with and intellectual ones who understand changes in my career. I refuse to believe that all these people come and go. I want all of you to stay.

Somehow there arent many I can share every single thing with. But that person is out there. And I thank you for being there. What would I do without you?? You've seen me in tears, you've seen me in times of joy and you've been there when I've been desperate financially. I hope you will be there through all my birthdays, through my wedding, through the birth of my children, even through my divorce if it comes to that, oh and lastly, I hope you will be there to share a bottle of wine with me when we end up in a retirement home or a mental asylum together, whichever comes first!

So many of you are in different time zones and yet we can pick up where we left off whenever we meet. Hugs and kisses to all of you.

This is what makes me tick.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Young Boys These Days

I was back in KL recently and was introduced to this guy The Kid. Young guy in his early 20s, not bad looking, very naive and innocent. Suffice to say also with little or no experience with the ladies having only had one girlfriend in his life.

We met up for drinks one night and The Kid met a hot chick at the bar. He was successful in gaining her personal number and even told me that she gave him the correct number unlike others in his experience. They play phone messaging with each other throughout the night and then he courageously asked her out. Her response? "I'm going away for work for 2 weeks, sorry". When he told me this, my instant reaction was "clearly she is making excuses and doesnt want to meet up with you". Why do I say this and not give this chick the benefit of the doubt? Well, she didnt offer to meet up another time when she returned from work did she? Texting each other through the night went so well until he ruined it by asking her out. Women are natural flirts arent they? Some play it all the way, some just dont know how to react when push comes to shove.

The Kid was adamant this chick was into him and honestly had to go away for work. I tried hard to explain that it's not him and that some chicks like to flirt and flirt only with no intention of taking the situation any further. This is something he refused to believe.

Weeks later he still hasnt successfully met up with this hot chick. I rest my case.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Konnichiwa Tokyo!

So much to see, so much to do, so much to taste, so much to buy, so much to experience. Tokyo is really the land with everything. Although I’ve been there before, the city itself never ceases to amaze me. The bright lights, the flashing neon signs, the porcelain featured (or made up rather) girls, the clicking of stiletto heels running up the subway stairs, the men with perfectly manicured eyebrows, just to name a few interesting observations.

The subway map drove me nuts! But thankfully we had local friends to act as guides, making the experience less painful. I’m sure alot of you out there are just as fascinated as I am with the Harajuku cultures and sub-cultures. A visit to Yoyogi Park, I stumbled upon a group of Denim Elvis’s and a group of Black Elvis’s. No they were not Black as in African American; they were just dressed in all black. And the Denims were dressed in all denim. They all dress up as Elvis and dance in the park all afternoon. Like, are you for real? Yes, that’s what they do every Sunday. It’s quite entertaining really. Apart from the Elvis’s, there are groups dressed like vampires, groups dressed like Little Bo-Peeps, groups dressed as punks and many other interesting themes. I admire how these people can get all dressed up, catch the sub and parade themselves around in public. They are in a world of their own. I’m not kidding.

Food is another big highlight of Tokyo. I got the opportunity to taste a wide array of fine Japanese foods. One of the most memorable meals was at an Izakaya restaurant in Shinjuku. Everything on the menu was Y270. That’s like AUD$3.50! The beers, the sakes, the dishes, everything was Y270. By the end of the night after filling my belly with more food and alcohol than I can imagine, I walked away spending less than AUD$30.

Shopping is also great in Tokyo. Things can get quite expensive if you shop in a departmental store. However, UniQlo is pretty reasonable in price and ofcourse there are the street stores in Harajuku. Here, the variety and fashion is crazy. Like I said so much to see, so much to buy. Just remember the sizes here are pretty tiny. Japanese fashion is interesting. When one person wears a particular outfit, the entire nation will follow. This is why Japanese girls all look the same. They all have the same long curly locks, heavily made up face, long fake eyelashes, platform heels, mini jumpsuits, miniskirts, leg warmers and garters. Yes, garters. Dont ask. Sexy though.

Sumo wrestling is a must see when in Japan. Watching it live is nothing compared to watching it on tv! Amazingly, so many naked men running around and yet it did nothing for me. Hahaha. The actual match only lasts for about 1 minute. As soon as they knock each other out of the ring or someone hits the grown, the match is over. We were so fortunate that BBs got us box seats and we were like the 10th row from the front. Thanks BBs! It was so fun!!

Mt Fuji and Hakone is a must see destination when in Japan. Look up 1 or 2 day tour packages. The tour will take you by bus to My Fuji, then a cruise along Lake Ashi, a traditional Japanese lunch and finally to Hakone where you can enjoy the many Onsens (hot springs) in the area. I was in a hotel with its own Onsen which was nice. Rules and regulations you must abide by when entering a Japanese public Onsen:

1. You are not allowed to wear anything in the pools
2. The tiny 50cm x 50cm hand towel you are provided with is not allowed in the pool
3. You are not allowed to have any tattoos (WTF?)
4. You must shower and scrub (WTF?) all your bits before going in the pools
5. Men and women are not allowed to share pools

Apart from that, the whole experience was wonderful. The pain of scrubbing my bits in front of a dozen or so naked women and a 70 year old naked grandma staring at me kinda gave me the creeps. Well the sight of the 70 year old naked grandma scared me more than her stare. Trying to hide my tattoos wasn’t too bad. Mine are not all that obvious, but Babyface and BBs were a laugh when they tried to cover their tattoos. Can’t describe it, it’s just one of those you had to be there moments.

Back to food and back to Tokyo, I had the privilege of tasting the culinary sensation of Les Creations de Narisawa. A French restaurant in Tokyo, fancy that. Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa has a creative flair in food preparation and his restaurant is now ranked number 24 in the world according to S.Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Not much of a French food fan myself, but I was impressed with the meal. The “nature” theme to the menu was interesting, the meal was tasty (especially the rabbit dish) and the service was impeccable. For those who have a bit of a sweet tooth, the dessert trolley was superb with choices of cakes, cookies, macaroons, mousses, so many things.

My last shout out is to my dear friend Obasan. I hadn’t seen her for over 10 years and man she looks exactly the same!! I love you Obasan! Was really great to catch up with an old friend. We picked up where we left off all those years ago, like good friends do. It was just like the good old days in GC, Concorde Hotel, the apartment (whatever it was called!), Metro gang fight, the Melbourne tattoo shop. So many memories. I look forward to seeing you again real soon!!

As you can see, there’s so much to see and do in Tokyo. I can’t wait for my next trip to Tokyo. Will have to make a special effort to visit Osaka and Kyoto.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mornington Manhunt

The setting was in Blairgowrie, a beautiful house called The Dunes. 18 friends, a brilliant chef, lots of food and ofcourse a never ending supply of alcohol (I'm not kidding, the supply was endless, we ended up bringing half the alcohol back to Melbourne). The house was magnificent and fitting us all in very comfortably, fancy finding a place that sleeps 18 under one roof.

The Peninsula Hot Springs was absolutely divine. We had to endure the cold 10C temperature outdoors but enjoyed much comfort with the 40C water in the pools. Simply heaven. The new refurbishment makes it look so much better than what it was 2 years ago. I really love the hot springs!

So how did it turn into a manhunt? Well, after the hot springs, the evening of the second night, everyone was enjoying a drink or two and Kam got really drunk passing out on the living room floor quite early on in the night. Miranda wouldnt let him sleep so woke him up and made him continue to drink more. Big B and I joined the 2 of them and hung out for about an hour when Kam decided to go downstairs to get more alcohol. We didnt think much of it at first but an hour later, after I had already gone to bed, Big B realised Kam never came back with his drink. So we all went downstairs in search of this sneaky fella. Our first thoughts were, where could he be hiding to get away from drinking? As you can imagine with a house that fits 18 people, it would be an ideal place for hide and seek. So we began searching in every room of the house. No luck in finding Kam. We went out to the driveway and searched his car, again no luck. By this stage we had searched the entire house and its surroundings for over half an hour. There was no sign of Kam anywhere! How does a drunken person just disappear from the house?

Miranda, Cuz, RF and I walked out on to the street with a flashlight in search of the disappearing Kam. It was very dark, wet and cold. Out on the street we still couldnt locate him. We took Miranda's car for a drive up and down the street in hope for a sighting of Kam. With little experience driving a manual car, I surprisingly got us moving along quite well. Nevertheless, no sign of Kam. As we put the car back and walked up the driveway back into the house. RF and Cuz stumbled on what looked like a huge rock in the front lawn. Here they found a snoozing Kam wrapped up in his picnic blanket on the grass. What the???

We brought him back into the house before he turned blue, gave him a scotch then started lecturing him. Hahaha ..... he was worried his snoring would wake the house up so he decided to sleep on the front lawn in the freezing 6C temperature?! And he kept telling us he loves the cold?!

Good thing is we found him, but what an adventurous night, trekking around the bushland in the dark in search of a drunken DJ.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where Are All The Men?

Are all the good ones always taken? The hot ones, the nice ones, the f*ckable ones? It seems of late, I know so many people seeing married men. Married men?? Have we resorted to this because we've run out of men?

Olivia is a classic example. Gorgeous, smart and independent. Yes, she has 3 of the best qualities as a woman. But yet, her choice of men, or man rather, falls in the married category. Actually, the still married category. Yes, the excitement is always there when doing something wrong. Well, seeing a married man is wrong isn't it??? It's only wrong if the wife is your friend! No, seriously it's not fair on the wife or kids if there are any. But then don't forget, it takes two hands to clap, tango, whatever. So if Olivia chooses a married man, the married man has got to choose her too. Back to my point, why settle for a married man? Aren't there any available ones out there? Is Olivia not looking hard enough? Or is she just comfortable that this one has fallen in to her lap, literally.

I'm not one to decide what's wrong and what's right. People are old enough to decide. Another girlfriend, similarly gorgeous, intelligent and independent, is seeing a man who fits in the still married, but separated category. It's all good fun, both parties have a good time and no strings attached. Don't get me wrong, Olivia is doing exactly the same thing, no strings attached. But what happens when you fall for that married man?

Is it our age that attracts men that fall into these categories? Samantha Jones was seeing a man recently, although not married, he has been married before. So he falls in the divorced category. So now we have a common theme, still married, married but separated, been married before. Where is the single and available category??

Ladies, keep doing what you're doing I say, but if you're with one that falls in the still married category, tread very very carefully. Deny, deny, deny! That's my advice. And at the same time, keep your eyes and ears open. I'm convinced these single available men are out there, I just don't know where yet.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Like a Moth to The Flame

Like a moth to the flame. You must be thinking of that Janet Jackson song "That's the Way Love Goes"? Someone once told me "you should always be the flame and try not to ever be the moth". I know many women who seem to always be the moth. They simply cant tear themselves away from the flame. The attraction is just so great that they have to caress themselves against the flame and risk getting painfully burnt in the process. Women just generally need to be in the know-how, know-when and simply know-everything. While men sit back and act like the cool (burning) flame. We should learn to be the flame!

Let me pose these questions:

What do you do if the guy you are seeing sms-es you? Do you reply straight away because you are so excited he sms-ed you in the first place? Or do you play it cool and let him sweat it out a little?

I wonder how many of you would actually wait a good 8 hours before replying. Most of the time we are so anxious that we must reply immediately. In my opinion, men dont think that way at all. They just go about doing their own thing and when they get a moment, whether it's on their lunch break, toilet break or smoke break, is when they will decide to reply to your sms. This often happens to be the next day or 10 hours later if you're lucky.

Do you drop all your plans when the man calls and wants to see you?

Again, most of you would say yes immediately! But why?? Trust me they will wait for you even if you tell them you have plans and will meet them another day. Actually making them wait will show your independence and the fact that you have other things to do in life.

Social independence is an important thing in this society. Gone are the days where the woman was socially dependant on her man. These days, we all have our own social activities. And more importantly these days, we actually have our own friends we hang out with regularly.

Ladies, let's keep them on ice and only retrieve once ready to consume. It's really not that difficult.

My Sweet Elephant

My sweet elephant is visiting from Bangkok and what a surprise it was when he brought me a belated birthday present; a hand made card and a white leather Gucci wallet. Awwww..... that was so sweet. As annoying, moronic and idiotic as he is, he will always be my sweet elephant :-) Love you long time!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Wonderful World of Multimedia

The wonderful world of multimedia, what exactly does this mean? Lift your head, look around, ads and designs are everywhere in our society. People are naturally drawn to things that are nice to look at. Multimedia designs are everywhere we look. Some people even base their purchases on unique packaging and not so much the product itself. It is no joke that visual design and packaging definitely attracts consumers to simply look if not to buy products.

So why am I writing a post on multimedia design? I have just joined a multimedia design company with some friends and I so understand the need for this service. Every new product or brand in the market spends time and money trying to promote their name to break into the market by means of advertising. Multimedia covers the end to end design process from simple logo design to website design. Yes, we do it all. We even do photography and event management. Anything that you can think of that relates to promoting your product, we will have a solution. Check out our site to get a feel of the wonderful world of multimedia design. Visit Fyoozstudio (pronounced fuse studio).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Malaysian Mahjong

Dont we all love a game of mahjong? I certainly do, especially Malaysian mahjong :-) What is Malaysian mahjong, some of you may ask. Well, it's a version of mahjong derived from the original 4 player mahjong. Malaysian mahjong has only 3 players. It's a quick and aggresive game, just the way I like it :-)

I've done some research into the rules and with my best effort I'm noting this down here so next time I get a chance to play again, I will remember these rules! As BBs says, it's a stupid game with stupid rules. But you know what? Rules are rules, there need not be any logic behind them. And just a reminder too that rules may differ from household to household, player to player.

This is the full set used in Malaysian mahjong. There should be 4 sets of flowers and 4 "Feis".

Let's just explore some of the many rules and ways to earn points (or better known as fann) in order to win the game. With Malaysian mahjong, you must have a minimum of 5 fanns to win. The maximum is usually anything above 10 fann.

1. One face (flower) = 1 fann
2. Four faces (flower) = extra 1 fann
3. One animal = 1 fann
4. Four animals = extra 1 fann
5. 1 Flower (number corresponds to player number) = 1 fann
6. Four flowers (in the same set) = 1 extra fann
7. Pong of own wind (north is everybody's wind) = 1 fann
8. Pong of dragon cards (hong chong, fat choy, bak parn) = 1 fann
9. 2 pongs & a pair of dragons = 3 fann
10. Mix suits = 1 fann
11. Same suit only = 3 fann
12. All Pong/ Gong = 2 fann
13. Chee mor from replacing flower/ Gong = 1 fann
14. Stealing Gong = 1 fann
15. Dealer Pong East wind = 2 fann

To earn maximum fann, player must win with any of the following:

1. Pong of 4 winds
2. 3 Pong and pair of winds
3. No flowers
4. 4 Gongs (revealed or concealed)
5. 3 Pong of dragon cards
6. Win with replacement tile after 2 consecutive Gong
7. 4 concealed Pong/ Gong
8. 4 Feis
9. Winning with first tile
10. Winning with last tile
11. If you have 4 feis at the start of the game, you need not play on, this is maximum fann
12. If you manage to get 4 feis in the process of the game, then you can only win by playing on till you get a winning hand

Feis are worth money and depending on how huge the ante is, players can nominate this amount. At the end of each round, players without or with less feis than the other players will have to pay out the difference.

I cant really sum it all up here cos there is just to many bloody rules and regulations, but as I start to play, it all comes back to me :-) And as a result, this is as much as I can remember for now.

Anyone for a game of Malaysian mahjong?? Piggy, when will we hoi toi again?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Piggy Heads to Melbourne

Who ever said Piggy's dont fly. Well this Piggy is flying straight in to Melbourne on Sunday. It has been a long long time since she's graced our shores and it will be nothing short of being fun, fun, fun!

Piggy, I have it all planned. It is everything but scary as you so aptly put it :-) We will drink, then drink and then drink some more, no I'm just kidding! It is a shame you're not bringing the little Piggy with you. And yes, everyone is dying to see the Little Piggy more!! I'm so excited thinking of how much we get to catch up with our girlie talks and nonsensical chatter when you get here. You people that come from Malaysia are so lucky you can get such cheap tickets, I mean RM$1500 for a return flight is amazing on a decent airline and not a budget one. I can only wish it were the same here in Australia.

So, get your dancing shoes ready so we can paint the town red!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Swing Sister's Birthday @ Man Mo

Last weekend a whole bunch of us had dinner at Man Mo to celebrate Swing Sister's birthday. Nestled amongst the busy strip of New Quay at Docklands, this Chinese (it's advertised as Malaysian/ Chinese, but I think it's more Chinese) restaurant is packed almost every night of the week. Thankfully I know the owners and the manager of the restaurant and managed to squeeze in a booking for 20 people. It doesnt help either that we are in the midst of the Christmas party period with most restaurants at the Docklands booked out for corporate functions.

The night was warm and balmy, perfect for us to be seated outside. Unfortunately, you still cant smoke at the Docklands even if you sit outside. The food was great. However, I must say that when I was there previously, the food was a lot better. Maybe it was just too busy or maybe they just dont pay attention when preparing mass meals. On my last visit, there were only 6 of us and the food was magnificent, although The Manager prepared us a special banquet for $62 per head. It wasnt bad at all for that price. We had oysters, scallops, lobster dumplings, patagonian tooth fish (a must try), truffle beef (to die for) and a huge dessert platter, which included my favourite creme brulee.

This time around, we ordered the $50 banquet and the food was not as impressive, but nevertheless still tasted great. The Manager had organised the old Sang Choy Bao for entree. What the?? Which Chinese person goes to a Chinese restaurant and orders Sang Choy Bao??? It did taste alright but never something I would order. It's such an Aussie dish! The drinks didnt stop coming for Swing Sister and she didnt stop drinking either, as you do on your birthday. It must be an international tradition for the birthday girl or boy to have atleast 1 Flaming Lamborghini on the night. Swing Sister did a great job too putting the whole thing away, not to mention the countless number of champers and vodka shots. Urrgh!

After dinner was done and dusted, me, Ball Breaker, BBs, VVB and November Cleo hung around with the owners and did what we do best; drink some more! It was awfully nice of them to have the drinks running on free flow all night. I think I drank the entire bottle of Grandfather Port myself! Thinking back now, I kinda feel bad that we made the owners and The Manager hang around with us till 2.30 in the morning and these people had to work the next day!

We tried to get into Allumbra after Man Mo, but no such luck as it was closing at 3am and Ball Breaker was pissed. So home it was and thank God we didnt drive. I dont think anyone was in any condition to operate a motor vehicle. I later found out that Ball Breaker had taken a taxi to her car in the city and drove home from there. Naughty, naughty girl!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Launch of Nuffnang Australia

Nuffnang, what an odd name. What is Nuffnang? The long and short of it is, Nuffnang is a wonderful platform where bloggers are chosen to place ads on their blogs and be paid for it. Simple. This ad network platform was the brainwave of 2 young fellas from Malaysia and Singapore. With its inception in 2006, Nuffnang now has over 80,000 bloggers signed up from all over the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines and Australia.

Nuffnang recently launched its Australian site where Aussie bloggers who sign up will run Aussie ads on their blogs. This in turn is a revenue generating stream for dedicated bloggers. Not bad for a bit of writing hey?

They have their own local team to ensure quality advertisers are placed into your blogs. The good thing about Nuffnang is it promotes itself quite heavily within its own Nuffnang blogger community by running numerous events for bloggers. This has been quite evident in Nuffnang Malaysia where charity and entertainment events are held throughout the year to give their bloggers the opportunity to network and meet other bloggers, not to mention those single people out there who blog, isnt this just another avenue to meet other singles??

Nuffnang Australia is looking for Aussie bloggers to sign up and help build this community. Imagine how many people you could meet just by signing up and placing ads on your blog. Just let your fingers do the walking and talking!

Some very interesting blogs I've come across (ofcourse they are Nuffnang members!) include:

I'm sure there are many more out there, I just havent had the time to browse through them all.

The Nuffnang Santa is kindly giving away a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 to a lucky blogger who writes about their network on their blogs. This is my attempt at giving Nuffnang Australia a bit of a plug. Do I need the Dell Inspiron Mini 9? Well, ofcourse I do! I need one just to blog, so I can stop doing it at work!! Bad, bad, bad!